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Digitising cemeteries

Dear customers, we would like to welcome you on the portal of TOPSET, company where we are presenting one specific side of our business – services and products related to cemetery digitising which we offer to cities, towns, parishes and other providers of cemetery services:

As a result of cemetery digitising, i.e. direct geodetic planimetry fix of cemetery, geodetic fix of grave fields, wooden solitaries, important places of interest and data and photography acquisition is numbered digital and paper map of cemetery, databases of deceased, databases of gravestone photographies and possibly also ortophoto map of cemetery with surrounding areas.

Information acquired by cemetery digitising – digital map, ortophoto map, databases, photographies and other supplementary data received from clients (lessee names, addresses, contacts, contracts, etc.) can be imported into Geographic Information System (GIS) WinCITY Cemetery© and subsequently displayed and processed. Information from databases together with graphic information in extent limited by act against personal information abuse can be published on our portal.

Possibilities of GIS WinCITY Cemetery© software and amount of data retrieved from cemetery digitising obey the Act number 470/2005 about cemetery services. Companies taking care about cemeteries have to keep evidence of each grave and also evidence of cemetery as whole. Evidences have to cover appurtenances according to § 21 Cemetery evidence. In § 24 right to use grave place and lessee contract is covered.


Our company has been working in the field of cemetery digitising and development of cemetery evidence software applications since 1992. Until present time, we have accomplished to run new projects or to provide updates of our applications for hundreds of our customers. Between our customers you can find biggest cities or smallest towns located in Slovak Republic. Biggest projects, in which our company has delivered cemetery digitising or implementation of information system WinCITY Cemetery© were done in cities Bratislava, Trnava, Hlohovec, Piestany, Nitra, Zlate Moravce, Zvolen, Martin, Poprad, Presov, Kosice – city districts, Trebisov, Banska Bystrica (currently working on), Dolny Kubin, Trstena, Novaky, Revuca, Turcianske Teplice, Nova Dubnica, Trencianske Teplice, Levice, Filakovo, Ruzomberok, Puchov, Sered, etc. Some of the projects successfully finished in the year of 2007 were done in towns Dubravy, Kechnec, Tomasov, Malinovo, Most pri Bratislave, Kalinkovo, Rakovo, Poproc, Solosnica, Dunajska Luzna, Sekule, Turcianske Klacany, Jatov, Kostolne, Hlboke, Borovce, Plavecky Peter, Letnicie, Hrabicov, Muranska Huta, Prietrzka, Cizatice, Zubrohlava, etc.